Wednesday, 30 July 2008

PHOTOS: Sab Kidz Day!

The last Solidarity Across Borders/Childcare Collective Kids Day was July 20, 2008, in conjunction with a Solidarity BBQ with Kader Belaouni at the St-Gabriel's Church. Kader has been in sanctuary since January 2006.

More photos from the Kidz Day are linked HERE.

And, if you're interested, the pics from the Kids Day outing to the "Butterflies go free!" exhibit in April are linked HERE.

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Monday, 21 July 2008

good times!

thanks for the great day, everyone who came out to the SAB Kidz Day / Kader's solidarity BBQ yesterday!! there were more kids than we could count and plenty of good old fashion fun.

highlights included:

good eats
face painting
the "lock up jaggi" game
soccer soccer soccer
marching band dance offs
pinata anarchy

thank you volunteers, families, kids and Kader for inspiring the event!

(more pictures on the way)

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Sunday, 20 July 2008

in case of rain

the SAB Kidz Day will be postponed until sunday july 27th.
check-in with LIZ at 514 482 0980 on the 20th before noon if you're having doubts.

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Childcare Charlie on CKUT

Check out this interview about the CCC on CKUT radio's "Wednesday Morning After" (July 9th, 2008) with volunteer, Charlie!

(the interview starts around the 35 minute mark)

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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Next SAB Kidz Day!

[français ci-dessous]

Solidarity Across Borders Kidz Day!
A day-long series of activities for children
SUNDAY JULY 20, 1-6pm

Solidarity Across Borders and the Montreal Childcare Collective, in collaboration with the Committee to Support Kader Belaouni, presents KIDZ DAY – a day-long series of activities and fun for kids (and their parents).

SUNDAY, JULY 20, 1-6pm
The backyard of the St-Gabriel's Church
2157 rue Centre (métro Charlevoix)

All-day kids activities including:
3-legged races; dress-up; relays; frisbee; soccer; piñatas; sidewalk chalk; chess in the shade; water balloons; dodgeball; and more!!!

SAB Kidz Day is happening in conjunction with a BBQ organized by the Committee to Support Kader Belaouni.

-> Participating kids, parents and volunteers should RSVP BY PHONE (contact Liz at 514-482-0980). When reserving, please indicate any allergies, dietary requests, or other special needs for your child. For the convenience of parents and kids, we can arrange to pick you up at your home or at a nearby metro station. Don't hesitate to ask <-


The Montreal Childcare Collective and Solidarity Across Borders (SAB) are together organizing a second "SAB Kids Day", this time in collaboration with the Committee to Support Kader Belaouni.

SAB Kidz Days are days where the children of parents we support and work with can participate in organized and fun kids activities (and parents can get a break from their kids, at least for a day!). Our first Kidz Day was visiting a special exhibit at the Botanical Garden; you can view photos here:

We encourage you to get in touch with SAB network members, especially families we are supporting, and let them know about the next SAB Kidz Day which will be on SUNDAY, JULY 20 from 1-6pm (rain date is July 27; please phone Liz at 514-482-0980 to confirm whether the BBQ and Kidz Day is cancelled in case of rain).

-> The entire SAB KIDZ DAY is FREE!
-> Food and snacks will be available during the day, including BBQ!
-> The SAB KIDZ DAY is for kids of ALL AGES.
-> Parents are welcome to attend if they so choose.

Organized by:
Montreal Childcare Collective:

Solidarity Across Borders:

In collaboration with
The Committee to Support Kader Belaouni

INFO:; Liz: 514-482-0980.


Journée des enfants - Solidarité sans frontières!
Une journée des activités pour les enfants

Solidarité sans frontières et le Reseau pour le soutien des enfants, en collaboration le Comité de soutien pour Kader Belaouni, organisent ensemble la 2e "Journée des enfants SSF!" – une journée des activités pour les enfants (et leurs parents).

En arrière de l'Église Saint-Gabriel
2157 rue Centre (métro Charlevoix)

Des activités pendant toute la journée, incluant:
course à relais; des déguisements; dessins sur la rue; les échecs à l'ombre; le ballon chasseur, jeux d'eau, frisbee, soccer, piñatas, et plus!!!

La journée des enfants est organisé en collaboration avec un Barbeque (BBQ) organisé par le Comité de soutien pour Kader Belaouni.

--> Les enfants, parents et bénévoles qui souhaitent participer doivent RÉSERVER PAR TÉLÉPHONE (communiquez avec Liz au 514-482-0980). Lorsque vous réservez, veuillez nous dire si vous avez besoin de transport depuis un métro ou chez vous. Informez-nous également de tout besoin particulier que pourrait avoir votre enfant (allergies, alimentation, etc.) <--

La "Journée des enfants de Solidarité sans frontières" s'agit d'une journée où les enfants des parents que nous soutenons et avec lesquels nous travaillons peuvent participer à des activités amusantes pour les enfants. (Les parents ont ainsi la chance d'avoir un peu de répit le temps d'une journée!).

Pour notre première journée des enfants, nous avons visité le Jardin botanique; voici les photos:

Nous vous encourageons à communiquer avec des membres du réseau de SSF, particulièrement avec les familles que nous soutenons, pour leur parler de cette journée d'activités qui aura lieu le 20 JUILLET (le 27 juillet en cas de pluie; svp téléphoner Liz à 514-482-0980 pour confirmer un changement de date en cas de pluie).

-> La journée des enfants SSF est GRATUITE!
-> La Journée des enfants SSF est pour les enfants de tous âges.
-> Les parents qui souhaitent participer sont les bienvenus.

Journée organisée par:
Le Reseau pour le soutien des enfants

Solidarité sans frontières`:

en collaboration avec
le Comité de soutien pour Kader Belaouni

INFO:; Liz: 514-482-0980.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Collective meeting - all welcome!

There will be a collective meeting this Sunday, July 13th at QPIRG Concordia (1500 de Maisonneuve E. #204) at 12pm (noon).

Come find out what's been happening with the Childcare Collective and see how you can get involved!

There will be snacks ; )

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