Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A Montreal Freeschool Workshop with the Montreal Childcare Network

Sunday 9 March 2-5pm :: Grassroots Childcare in NDG

@ MUCS: 2000 Northcliffe x. Maisoneuve, #218, Metro Vendome
(enter by the driveway at the north side of the building)

*All Ages Welcome; Free Childcare and Activities for Kids*
*Some snacks will be served, bring something to share if you like*

The Montreal Childcare Collective is a group of volunteers who provide
free childcare at community events and meetings across the city, in
solidarity with organizations working for social justice. They will share
their experiences coordinating this type of work, as well as their own
resources and knowledge about childcare, including the idea of an
anti-authoritarian approach, conflict resolution, and the politics of

This workshop will also be a space for brainstorming, networking and
strategising about grassroots childcare in NDG - What do local community
organizations need? What concerns do parents have? What has worked in the
past? Please bring some of your own ideas, stories and goals.
More info: montrealfreeschool[at]gmail.com, 514 357 2090